Twitter confirms some service flakiness today — now fixed

Twitter users around the world have reported some short partial outages today, with the platform not displaying certain tweets or not able to retrieve any at all.

TC’s own geographically distributed staff reported issues with accessing tweets in Europe, India and the US, for example, while DownDetector‘s map indicated some service issues across the world — with a more severe outage apparently concentrated in Japan.

In a support tweet, Twitter confirmed it’s had an issue — writing: “You may have had trouble sending and seeing Tweets” — but added the problem had been fixed. It didn’t offer further details about the issue.

Service outages aren’t unusual for Twitter, although the platform’s stability has improved greatly since the iconic ‘fail whale’ days. In recent years more major outages have been reported in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Today’s flakiness appears to be pretty minor — resolving after a few minutes for users in Europe, for example.

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