GitHub CLI reaches 1.0 status

The GitHub CLI command line tool has reached 1.0 release status. The tool is intended to help developers reduce context switching by allowing them to run their GitHub workflow from the terminal, from issues through releases. 

Introduced September 17 after a beta period dating back to February, GitHub CLI calls the GitHub API to script actions and set a custom alias for any command. GitHub CLI is available for repos hosted on and GitHub Enterprise Server 2.20 or higher. Access to Enterprise Server has been the most-requested capability since the beta was announced. The CLI also can be configured to use SSH (secure shell) and the developer’s preferred editor.

Other requests fulfilled since the beta include:

  • Creation and viewing of repositories.
  • Closing, reopening, and adding labels, assignees, and adding more issues to pull requests. Metadata can be added to issues and pull requests.
  • Viewing the diff, reviewing, and merging pull requests.
  • Creation of aliases for any command using gh alias set

GitHub CLI works on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Instructions for its use are featured on the bulletin announcing the arrival of GitHub CLI 1.0. 

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