Apple launches new ecosystem of accessories and wireless chargers with MagSafe

Apple just announced the iPhone 12, and it features some new capabilities hidden in the rear of the phone. Thanks to alignment magnets, you can snap accessories to the back of your phone. And the company is releasing new accessories that work with this magnetic back, including new cases, a wireless charger and a card holder.

There are many layers tucked in the back of the device, such as a magnetometer, a copper-graphite shield, two shields, multiple layers of magnets, an NFC antenna and more.

But the company isn’t just adding magnets for the sake of adding magnets. It opens up a whole new ecosystem of accessories, including Apple-branded accessories.

Apple is introducing two wireless chargers. This is the second time the company is announcing a wireless charger. But Apple had some production issues with its previous attempt, the AirPower charger.

The new MagSafe charger is a simple wireless charger that magnetically attaches to your phone. The MagSafe dual charger supports both your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. It folds up when you travel.

Image Credits: Apple

The new iPhone 12 cases will snap on the back of your device. Apple will release silicone, clear and leather cases using MagSafe. They don’t need to wrap around the screen as they’re magnetically attached.

You can add a case and use wireless charging or any other MagSafe accessory, such as the Apple-branded cardholder that lets you put cards on the back of your device without buying a separate case.

Third-party accessory manufacturers are already working on MagSafe accessories. Belkin will releaase a car mount and a multi-charger dock soon.

Image Credits: Apple

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